Maybe you’re calorie-conscious? Maybe you’re trying to up your protein? Or maybe you don’t mind, as long as it’s delicious and ready to eat. Whatever your dietary preferences or nutritional goals, our four menus have it covered. Though some classics will always be on the menu (we’re looking at you, lasagne!), we do make slight updates every once in a while to keep our meals interesting even more delicious. Extra bonus: there’ll always be something new to look forward to!


A comforting collection of “just-like-mama-used-to-make-it” classics.


Made with love and packed with flavour, the meals on this menu are all under 700 calories. Win win!


Be it meat or plant-based, protein (and plenty of it!) is the leading character in this selection of delicious dishes.


Oven-roasted or sautéed, pan-fried or boiled; vegetables are the heart and soul of almost every dish on the planet. This menu is filled with delicious plant-based combinations.

Oh, and by the way…
All menus can be specifically tailored to your specific requirements; whether it’s 100% vegan or gluten-free. Give us a shout and we will whip up something special just for you!

Heating Instructions:
Once our meals are prepared, they are stored in aluminium containers and frozen immediately to preserve their freshness. Allow your meal to defrost overnight and then you’re ready to tuck in, simply remove the cardboard lid and pop in the oven for 20 minutes at 170° C.

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